Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uhaul Woes

So as I am pulling out of the Uhaul place, my trailer comes off (ie disconnected from the car completely). The Uhaul employee and a police officer come out to help me and the first thing that the police officer says is "Glad that didn't happen on the highway". The two of them continue to talk about trailer accidents and whole families dying in trailer accidents (usually on the highway) as the Uhaul employee investigates the trailer. I don't know what was the ultimate cause, but the pin seems to have warped and/or fallen off. Note that I had the Uhaul employee attach it and made sure to ask "Okay, is it safe to go now?" before I pulled out because honestly, a big swinging piece of metal behind my car is a little unnerving. Anyways, I am going to return it first thing in the morning. I found room for my TV in the car and am having someone pick up my dresser.


  1. That explains why you are gonna return it.

  2. Yeah, but at least from their conversation I learned that if I die that my family can sue them and win :)